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Our Team


Cameron Coe, C.E.O. - STUDENTdirect Foundation
Cameron Coe, C.E.O.

Cameron Coe is the CEO of STUDENTdirect Foundation, a student leader, college football player, college student, and amateur race car driver.

Cameron is related to other great leaders such as Winston Churchill, George W. Bush, and Jeb Bush.

Cameron has a sincere passion for the art of leadership. He is consumed with the idea of leadership through empowerment.

When not involved in educational pursuits, Cameron prefers to be among other students connecting and spreading the word of STUDENTdirect International.

Connect with Cameron Coe @ YoungINC.LA

Derrick Gary, C.O.O. - STUDENTdirect Foundation
Derrick Gary, C.O.O.

C.O.O. at STUDENTdirect. Involved with productions and new media. Managed the expansion of STUDENTdirect chapters in select colleges.

"Think about it, what student wouldn't want a place where they can get funding for their endeavors, meet new people, volunteer in their communities and be hands-on in planning events and watching them flourish.

Students will develop a sense of gratification, and ultimately self realization and fulfillment.

Also, STUDENTdirect is a multi-million dollar business/idea. You can imagine the prestige you'll acquire by founding STUDENTdirect on your campus.

It looks great on a resume and it will provide you with a first-hand experience of leadership that textbooks can't offer. So the message is simple....START STUDENTdirect on your campus."

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Bola-Ige, President - STUDENTdirect International
Bola-ige, President


‘BOLA –IGE ALABI EFESHODIAMHE is a Media/ Public Relations practitioner, Researcher, Media -Preneur, Businessman, Advertiser, techie -savvy Photojournalist, Peace Advocate, Public Affairs analyst, Coach and Youth leader.

Born to the popular royal family in Ososo kingdom, Edo State, South/ South Nigeria. He Chaired the board of Innovative Media & Public Relations Concepts (IMPReC), a reputable Media/ PRs firm in Nigeria.

He is a Rotarian and member of many global organisation among which World Youth Alliance (WYA) and the United Nations Youth Association (UNYA). He is the Africa Coordinator/ COO of STUDENTdirect™ International, an International youth and student foundation with headquarter in USA. He is presently appointed as President of the organization.

Bola -Ige is a poet, education advocate, writer, researcher and he like travelling, volunteering and meeting peoples.

A graduate of Mass Communication, presently doing another degree in Law.

He is the MD/ Editor in -Chief of OSOSO HERITAGE MAGAZINE.

Connect with Bola-ige Alabi @ YoungINC.LA

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