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Our Story

"Every journey has a beginning but in this story, the existence of the STUDENTdirect Foundation its beginning started with each and everyone of us, as students it is our innate nature to want to help, to become globalized, and be the change.

In the past two years we have had a lot to accomplish, and I am so humbly grateful."

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- Joshua Chit Tun, Founder and Chairman

Mr. Joshua Chit Tun of the Chit Tun Group is an advocate for change through community involvement using traditional and non-traditional methods.

Currently he serves on the STUDENTdirect Foundation Board of Directors as the Chairman in which he has helped develop and establish multiple programs that leverages volunteers and their mentors where they become the change and their efforts are localized despite it being a global movement.

He is also a founding member and executive of YoungINC.LA in which he has helped create multiple brands. He feels that by working with startups you truly start to understand innovation. With innovation, consistency, discipline and the right support group he feels that such startups have potential for massive growth.

Further with Brian Antezana they established the consulting group JBM Community of which they are both principles of. JBM Community has been involved in a variety of projects creating an ecosystem for growth, prosperity, and change.

Leadership is a strong component of what moves Mr. Chit Tun's vision forward. Being a strong advocate of this in 2014 Mr. Chit Tun took on three interns, Sophia Kostiuk, Christina Gasparian, and Cameron Coe, of which they have been vital in the coordination of all his philanthropy with the STUDENTdirect Foundation. He insists that someday they will take on much larger leadership roles in the organizations he is both a part of and has helped established. In his beliefs that the youth are the future he spends time mentoring and developing his seven year old nephew Dorian Chit Tun who someday will take on a management role in the Chit Tun Group as C.E.O.

To further leverage his ambitions he is currently working with JBM Strategies on LUXURY DEFINED a group he believes will not only invest in both startups and philanthropies with him such as Boogiezone, but they will do so for the change, innovation, and efficiency it represents. 

To conclude as his grandfather, Dr. Walter Chit Tun had done for his country in Burma so will Chairman Joshua Chit Tun do for the United States of America. Chairman Joshua Chit Tun is a born leader and innovator, he is an agent for change. 

Joshua Chit Tun, Chairman - STUDENTdirect Foundation

Joshua Chit Tun, Chairman and Founder
STUDENTdirect Foundation

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