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For those who are interested in making a difference and in helping communities in need through systematic change we have a wide range of volunteer opportunities.


We welcome you to join our team in our international mission. Please join one of our causes and help us in "Initiating Community Action".

Our Organizations



STUDENTdirect Foundation is privately held and operates through the following organizations: STUDENTdirect International, STUDENTdirect Studios, STUDENTdirect Productions, STUDENTdirect Publications, and Initiating Community Action.

We also manage the following programs: Friends of the Multi Ethnic Cultural Association and MECA Entertainment.

We believe it is important to develop partnerships in our community. We do so through the following: STUDENTdirect Youth Initiative and ICA Displaced Initiative.

When it comes to our philanthropy, our community giving is focused in the following four areas: STUDENTdirect Save World Project, STUDENTdirect Pre- Internships Project, STUDENTdirect Scholarships Project, and STUDENTdirect Performing and Visual Arts Project.

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Our Philanthropy

STUDENTdirect Studios

STUDENTdirect Publications

Initiating Community Action

STUDENTdirect Youth Initiative​​

ICA Displaced Initiative

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Cameron Coe, Chief Executiive Officer - STUDENTdirect Foundation



Addressed to the Board: My endorsement for Cameron Coe as STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation's youngest Chief Executive Officer. Cameron Coe is an individual who is responsible, organized, analytical, and reserved. He volunteered to pre-intern with the organization in the latter of 2014. During the duration of his pre- internship he has brought so much to the non-profit organization, STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation.

Bola-Ige, President - STUDENTdirect International


This is a letter of recommendation for Bola Ige Alibi Efeshodiamhe who has been very involved with STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation in its development and expansion. He was crucial in coordinating Initiating Community Action volunteers in nations in Africa. Further he is taking on a leadership role with STUDENTdirect International as its President, and in the past four years maintain his role in the STUDENT direct Organization as Chief Executive Officer of the Africa territories.

STUDENTdirect with Our Commitment to witness Jai Pellerin's inaguration.


As I think of what 2015 has to offer to the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation and as we embark on our third year being an organized non-profit; I am adamant that we must do the following and consider its impact on us as an organization and for the communities we represent.

STUDENTdirect Productions and Nu Dymensionz meet to discuss Beauty Boys at the YoungINC Manor.




To Review the following: Operations, Public Relations, and Marketing.

How do we recognize volunteers and interns.

How do we better communicate on YoungINC.LA

How do we build our resume.

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